In Andalusia, baths were originally built under Islamic legacy as they thought water come symbolise purity, y during old Moorish times, these types of baths were vital for social y business purposes.

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Fast-forward around 1000 years y you have the right to still enjoy a raza experience in los beautiful Aire del Sevilla Arabic Baths y Hammam. Providing a sanctuary to relax and unwind in ns beautiful ciudad of Sevilla, ns traditional hammam is where you have the right to experience los ultimate pampering suffer in uno historic, luxurious and tranquil setting.


This Arabic bathtub is situated on nombre de la carretera Aire, in the historic barrio Santa superar neighbourhood right in the middle of los historical center of the city. Situated in a 1200 square pedido palace developed in the 16th century by the gobernador of the Indies on the site of an old bath, these Baños Árabes connect con past civilisations and the restorations focus on the mudéjar style influenced by 12th to 16th-century Moorish artistry.

Entering los majestic palace-building all voz are hushed to un whisper in order come maintain los ambience of total tranquillity. Walking up los grand stairs y large hallways to the changing rooms ns historic building provides a totalmente magical setting. 

The hammam with its red-hued walls provides ns warm atmosphere and glowing candle lights, los incenses of naturalmente oils representar the massage rooms and the reassuring background music adds to los ambience. Split gastos generales three floors los hammam offers the traditional hot y cold pools which have great health benefits when alternated also as un saltwater pool, jacuzzi-style pool y a floor dedicated for full-body massages. 

A standard visit has an hour and a half Thermal Bath y Aromatherapy session en different spaces centred around uno roman-tiled be sure room where you have the right to sip hot y cool organic teas and water in between baths.

The session starts in los thermal baths room. There are tres pools; the warm bathtub (36℃) stabilising her body temperature, ns hot bath (40℃) producing ns feeling of calm, and the cold bathtub (16℃) con dripping ice cream to revitalise y tone the skin. Next, you can make your means to ns hammam vapor room to endure cleansing important oils, adhered to by a visit to ns Thousand jet pool. Finally, uno level reduced you’ll find los saltwater pool wherein you can experience weightlessness and float right into ultimate relaxation.


There is also ns wine bathtub which is poured into an ancient tub in stone designed for dos people. Right here you will have your body soaked in wine and its useful antioxidants whilst enjoying un glass of wine followed by a cabeza massage.

Along with los Thermal Bath y Aromatherapy session, guest can also choose additional massage packages ranging from quince minutes come a saturado hour, or various other favourites including los Water ritual underwater massage or the Four mano Ritual relaxation massage.

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The 30-minute full-body massage is los perfect means to end the conference leaving your body fully pampered y relaxed.

What come bring: A shower suit y nothing else – Aire ese Sevilla gives water shoes y towels, and their dressing rooms are equipped with lockers, shampoo, shower head gel and hairdryers. If you do forget your bathing suit, safety suits space available.

Schedule: Sessions space organised right into an hour and a half tiempo slots and you should plan to arrive quince minutes before your preventive to allow yourself hora to change.

Day: 10:00-11:30, 12:00-13:30, 14:00-15:30

Evening: 16:00-17:30, 18:00-19:30, 20:00-21:30, 22:00-23:30

Friday y Saturday nights: the centre is likewise open from 00:00 till 1:30 for midnight baths.

Rates: Rates range representar 26€ período person for uno 1.5 hour thermal Bath y Aromatherapy conference to 210€ for the luxurious 4 hour tratamiento Aire del Sevilla.

Reservations: as soon as planning to visit Aire ese Sevilla it is strongly recommended come reserve in advance online or by telephone.

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Following ns first Aire centre opening in Sevilla and it’s growing popularity, new centres were opened up in Barcelona y Almería, and most newly in nuevo York, each maintaining in mind los practice of enteramente disconnection dentro de an adapted historical building.