Autobuses Nocturnos Madrid Aeropuerto

The Airport refer Shuttle y bus number doscientos resumed servicio on Thursday 14th January at 7am

Face masks have to be worn on windy transport.Remember to keep uno safe distance from others.

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Madrid has ns transport servicio that connects the ciudad centre con Barajas airport. The línea runs 24 hours a day, every día of the year (with reduced timetables 24, 25 and 31 Dec and 1 Jan) with departures desde Atocha station throughout daytime (6:00 - 23:30 h) y Cibeles station during daytime y nighttime (23:30 rápido 6:00 h). This servicio is of good benefit come people with night flights.

The bus, referred to as "Exprés Aeropuerto", takes about treinta minutes (to T1, five much more minutes to T2 y five more to T4). That is 15-20 minute by day and 35 minutes by night. The price of the ticket is cinco euros. You have the right to pay on los bus itself in cash (maximum exchange rate: veinte euros) or with contactless tecnología (contactless) with a bank card or mobile phone.

The cabeza of los service line is at T4 and has stop at T2, T1, O'Donnell (at los confluence con Doctor Esquerdo), Plaza de Cibeles (the nerve center of ns night services of ns EMT, ns búhos (owls)) y Atocha Station(operative between 06:00 and 23:30 hours).


This special hilera is conveniently identifiable by its yellow colour. Ns buseshave modern luggage racks to make los journey as comfortable together possible. Any type of luggage (suitcase, trolleys y travel bags) weighing less than 23 kilograms, and shape and size allowed in ns standards of civil Aviation have the right to be carried. Ns luggage should be inserted in such a way that it does not represent un danger because that oneself y the remainder of travellers. Los transport the luggage does no involve any extr fee, that is had in the ticket price. The autobuses have un rear bicycle rack con rails and anchors for two conventional bicycles.

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It is one of los cheapest y most comfortable systems, contrasted to Europe y the world, as we deserve to reach the ciudad centre desde the airport y vice versa because that only cinco euros, taking only 40 minutes. It should be listed that the days of the Christmas season such as 24, veinticinco and treinta y uno December and uno January the servicio is no carried fuera normally.

You deserve to find an ext detailed details by clicking on los following link.

Map of the location of los stops at the airport of ns express bus come Barajas plane in Madrid.


Other bus lines

In enhancement to the Exprés avión the tourist can reach Barajas representar the city of la villa de madrid with ns line 200 from calle principal de america and with los line ciento uno that leaves desde Canillejas, passes through the airport y arrives at los town the Barajas.

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These services, choose all various other bus journeys, are still exempt representar the duty to have a Multi card.