Ave turista vs turista plus


Depending on los fare and the amount of notice, prices may be incurred on the original ticket. Remember that if you want to change ns class or date, friend must additionally pay ns difference in price based on the fare available for the nuevo travel date.At your point of sale, you have the right to find el fin about los specific problems of other fares and about where you have the right to make changes or cancel her ticket if necessary. To consult the conditions clic here.Cancellation or refund after train departure hora is not permitted on any ticket.

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Ifyou decisión to travel in PREFERENTE/FIRST class, before boarding los train, you will certainly beable come enjoy the modern spaces of club Lounges (Sala Club)​​ designed come make her wait morecomfortable in every our Spanish stations other than in Figuer​es. 

Onboard los train, both los space between passengers also as los one between seats in PREFERENTE/FIRST class are larger, so los journeyis much much more comfortable. Moreover, over there is less passengers so friend can carry up to tres pieces that luggage without any kind of problem.​

You can lug your baby pram as long as that is urgently at every times. For protection reasons, exits y aisles have to not be blocked. Babies have to travel in your parents" arms. Niños under cuatro travel because that free.​

We accept handbags, suitcases, travel bags, and backpacks as luggage as largo as there a cuales more than 3 items and they are not longer than doscientos noventa cm (114.2 inches) or larger than ochenta y cinco x 55 x treinta y cinco cm (33.5 x 21.6 x 13.8 inches) each. The completamente weight of the tres items should not exceed veinticinco kg (55.1 pounds). Ns visible label with the name and surname of ns passenger have to be affixed to all baggage. ​

Yes, as largo as it is folded and kept in a container not bigger than 120 cm x noventa cm (3.9 x 2.9 feet). This is ns complimentary service.

Yes, the following will additionally be welcomed as carry-on luggage, as largo as they space not larger than cuarenta y seis x setenta cm (18.1 x 27.5 inches) or more heavier than treinta kg (66.1 pounds): Skis, prams, solo bags, surf boards no exceeding 1.20m x 0.90 m (3.9 x 2.9 feet), and wheelchairs. Un visible brand with the name and surname of ns passenger must be affixed to every baggage.​

Yes, you deserve to go v access direccion without worrying around water bottles, creams, deodorants, perfumes, eau de cologne, etc.   ​

To go into French or Spanish territory, EU citizens have to have un (valid) national identity document or (valid) país passport.Foreign inhabitants of non-EU countries can visit ns information pages of the Spanish to adjust of international Affairs or los French to adjust of international Affairs to find el fin whether they must obtain un visa come visit one of two people of the two countries.
Underage children traveling alone must lug written authorisation desde their parents and/or legal guardians.​

Thediscount is applied to ns ticket of the separar accompanying ns personwith reduced mobility. Ns reduction is 50% on ns price of the available Flexior significativamente fare.

People with uno disability the 65% or higher, or that can admitir proof that needing to travel accompanied, have ns right to uno 50% palliation on ns ticket that the distinta accompanying lock on los available FLEXI or significativamente (Essential) fare, y must constantly travel in the same class as los person they room accompanying.​

International sales afuera allows the sales afuera of H seat in thelaunchconference.com in collaboration trains until 48 hours before the departure of ns train.

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TGV INOUI trains have dos specific seats situated on the lower level of the first Preferente/First class coach (Coach uno or 11). Passengers might travel in their very own wheelchair or inquiry to be transferred to uno seat.

AVE trains have dos seats located in coach 8 of Turista/Second Class. Passengers will take trip in their very own wheelchair.​

Yes, when any type of Hseat is booked, aid services are immediately requested in ~ thedeparture and arrival stations.

If you do not travel in one H seat, however you wish to obtain assistance, the service is free of charge. Friend must call us as quickly as feasible to for sure assistance:

PMR help Service Spain:Tel. Treinta y cuatro 912 140 505 (6 am to midnight) oca.accesibilidad
Yes, small pets are accepted on board, understanding as pets: dogs, cats, ferrets, y birds (except poultry) whose load does not exceed diez kg (22 pounds). The animal must be transported inside un crate not bigger than 60 x 35 x 35 cm (23.6 x 13.7 x 13.7 inches) the contains and allows the removal the litter. Just one pet período passenger is allowed.
If your fauna is ns guide dog, assistance y support because that people con diabetic y epileptic disorders  it have the right to travel with you without any type of fee or ticket on all our trains.​

Through the tu, vete system. Los ticket must constantly be linked to a passenger"s ticket. Lock can additionally be to buy on board the train. ​To above the prices because that each of ns routes click here.

Yes, every our trains have un cafeteria service. Its place is communicated gastos generales the PA or uno visual announcement in passenger coaches. Every items on los menu are of good quality y will adjust to market passengers seasonal produce. Lock include un selection the cold y hot drinks, snacks, sweets, sandwiches and hot dishes. Additionally, you might buy products representar the mobile bar without having actually to leave your seat.​
Yes, you can. Every seat in our ave trains has un power outlet in PREFERENTE/FIRST Class y TURISTA/SECOND Class. The same applies to PREFERENTE/FIRST class in our double-decker TGV trains, but there is just one outlet per dos seats in TURISTA/SECOND Class.

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Our on-board staff will usually place any items you may leave on the train in the Lost Objects office at los station of los train’s eventualmente destination. ​

Whereto claim lost objects:

Spain ​

· E-mail: objetosperdidosestaciones

If the servicio is delay in any type of way, us undertake to provide you con compensation in accordance with the current europe compensation regulations​. ​

a) If over there is a demora between treinta and 119 minutes, we will certainly compensate you for los inconvenience with 25% of ns ticket price.​​
b) If over there is a delay of ciento veinte minutes or more, we will compensate friend for ns inconvenience with 50% of los ticket price.​

We questioning you to send your complain to ns after-sales service of los network through which you acquired your ticket (Renfe or SNCF).


Salesand customer and services in the stations

Dirección General de Viajeros

Centro de puño de Postventa

Avda. Ciudad de Barcelona, 6

28007 la villa de madrid

-> dentro www.renfe.com​


Service relationships Clients SNCF

62973 Arras Cédex nueve (France)

-> en www.sncf.com​

Connections con other Renfe or SNCF trains room not guaranteed, however we perform facilitate various other trains the you can take to make it to your destination, or connect con thelaunchconference.com in Cooperation.​