Barco De Valencia A Ibiza

just how to gain to Ibiza desde Valencia by ferry

There room up to 2 daily ferry crossings desde Valencia come Ibiza. Read the latest information about los crossing in our ferry guide.

Is there a ferry representar Valencia come Ibiza?

There are daily ferry connections representar Valencia to Ibiza. The route is served by at the very least 10 weekly crossings throughout los year. The ferry providers that largely operate ~ above this route areTrasmediterránea, Baleària and GNV.

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Find real-time data y the latest schedules top top ferries desde Valencia come Ibiza ~ above

How largo is the ferry ride from Valencia to Ibiza?

The term of the Valencia - Ibiza ferry drive ranges from 5 hrto 7 hr.Travel time depends on the company and type that ferry.

Is there a high-speed ferry representar Valencia come Ibiza?

Yes, there space high-speed ferries traveling representar Valencia to Ibiza. The fastest ferry to Ibiza covers ns distance in cinco hr.

How much is the ferry desde Valencia to Ibiza?

The price for ns ferry ticket representar Valencia come Ibiza ranges representar €32 come €83. The eventualmente ticket price canbe higher or lower depending on discounts, seat type, or car selection.

What’s the ferry schedule desde Valencia to Ibiza?

There room at least diez weekly ferriesfrom Valencia to Ibiza, when in ns summer los ferry frequency have the right to increase.

The earliest ferry usually departs representar Valencia at roughly 19.30 and arrives in Ibiza ns bit after 23.30. Los latest scheduled expedition is in ~ 23:59reaching ns port that Ibiza in ~ 05.30.

What’s ns distance in between Valencia and Ibiza?

The distance in between Valencia and Ibiza is roughly 87 nautical miles (162km).

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Am me gustaría allowed to travel from Valencia to Ibiza?

Yes, starting May 9, 2021, ferry travel representar Valencia come Ibiza is allowed for vacaciones reasons. See an ext details around ferry travel and Covid-19 in Spain.

Where can identificación book cheap ferry tickets representar Valencia to Ibiza?

You can publication cheap ferry tickets desde Valencia come Ibiza y the Balearic Islands on line on On ourMap of ferries,you deserve to see all the available ferry connections, to compare ferry companies y fares, and book her ferry expedition to Ibiza in just cuatro clicks.


The bohemian beach of Cala d’Hort in Ibiza, perfect for relaxing summer moments.

Useful tips for your ferry trip desde Valencia come Ibiza

Here room some travel consejos for her trip desde Valencia to Ibiza:

The port of Valencia can acquire quite liven in optimal season so we suggestthat friend reach los port 1.5 hrbefore departure, especially if you are traveling con your vehicle.In Ibiza is ideal if you use your own automobile or publicly transport. You either carry your vehicle by ferry or rental one there. Be aware that taxis are the most expensive mode of move on the island.The main port the Ibiza is in Ibiza Town, ns island’s capital. Over there is ns second port in san Antonio on los midwestern component of the island.From los port of Ibiza, friend can conveniently organize a trabaja tripto ns beautiful isla of Formentera. The Ibiza-Formentera ferry ride lasts just 30 min y there are multiple departures during ns day.

Where come take los ferry desde Valencia come Ibiza?

The harbor of Valencia is situated close to the center of ns city. It's easily available bypublic transport, taxi or your own vehicle.

There is also uno shuttle bus the transfers passengers to the port terminals.

Can i travel on ns ferry representar Valencia to Ibiza with ns car?

Yes, you deserve to travel with ns vehicle in los majority of ns ferries representar Valencia come Ibiza.

Ferry luggage

Each ferry company has its own baggage allowance policy.Trasmediterranea enables passengers ns maximum of 40 kg of luggage because that cabins and 30 kg for seats, while ferries regularly have close up door luggage warehouse rooms.In Balearia ferries you can carry ns maximum luggage the you can gain on tablero by yourself, withouthelp and in one go. There are likewise open luggagetrunks in los passenger lounges, where you have the right to leave her luggage during ns trip.In GNV ferries each passenger is enabled to bring up come 2 pieces of emplea luggage top top board.

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Most of los ferries that travel from Valencia come Ibiza have cabins as well as numbered seats for ns more comfortable trip.