The Best PDF Converter for Windows PC Review

There has been great popularity in the use of PDFs format to convey information. This suggests that the call for having a converter has been the order of most of us. Having to convert your PDFs and getting the correct and quality format outputs is just not anything ordinary. To achieve these elements in your output you have to have the best PDF Converting tools. Here is a list of the best software programmes to choose and go for.

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  1. Nitro PDF Converter


Nitro PDF Converter is a highly profiled converting software that features what other more expensive converters offer at a remarkably cheap price. It not only has best features added to it but also wallet friendly and does not require large spaces for it run on your PC. If you are looking or the best converting tool then you should come the way of the Nitro PDF Converter to complete your task of hunting down the best PDF. To give you time to determine that you are using the best PDF you are given you are given two weeks to test drive the software.

  • It creates 100% compatible files to make sure any user can read any output converted by the Nitro PDF Converter from any reading tool anywhere on any device
  • Businesses and teams can share documents between themselves by colleagues creating QuickSign profiles.
  • Guarantees documents safeness by password protecting it.
  • Supports all Window operating systems and creates PDF forms into over 300 formats.
  • Allows the customizing of texts such as changing colours, fonts, size and orientations and output qualities.
  • There is an easy to use interface that feature tools that user to add text, quickly view PDFs and collaborate without using the learning curve.

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  1. UniPDF Converter


The task of converting could not have been made any easier than how the UniPDF converter does. Yes, having a file in its PDF format is just great but having it another format is equally important where need arises. This task has often be dreaded by many people terming it as laborious and tiresome. This no longer has to be the case anymore as with the UniPDF Converter work done is of high quality and original formats of the converted file giving you nothing to worry about when it comes to output layout. Here are some enticing features about the software;

  • It supports PDF to word conversion that is the (.rtf.doc.).
  • Conversion of PDFs to images is also done into various formats such as (.jpg/. pcx/. png/ .bmp/ .tif/.gif/.tga)
  • Other supported PDF conversion process include HTML and Text (.txt)
  • The UniPDF Converter is integrated with many languages.
  • It also runs in all Windows operating system versions. That is the 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Vista Windows.
  • It features superior quality output.
  • It is just a 5.7 MB file meaning it does not occupy a large space.
  • It is an absolutely free and safe converting tool to download.

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  1. TalkHelper PDF Converter


No converter is best known for its efficiency when it comes to all your needs related to converting better than the amazing TalkHelper PDF Converter. Those who have ever used it will bear me witness that at the moment it is the best software programme for this task. One feature that cannot go unnoticed unwell is the customized output settings. This must then be the best converter if you would ask on personal levels. It is also stands out as it is very accurate and all gratitude goes to the developers who have managed to meet user’s needs.

  • Support conversion of files into multiple formats such as PDF to DOC/DOCX/ODT, PowerPoint format, HTML and images and Epub.
  • With the TalkHelper PDF Converter Pro it has been developed to split, merge and even extract pages and texts and go even further to save t as a new PDF file.
  • No online conversion processes like many other converting tools thereby ensuring sensitive documents are safe as work is done from your local computer.
  • The TalkHelper PDF Converter ensures output documents are of high quality and maintain the original fonts, texts and formats without changing the layout.

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  1. WPS PDF Word Converter


Smart phone users and those that devices that run on Android and often handle PDF documents must have heard of this software if not at one point had running on their devices. Having a converting tool in your portable is just something make me rank it as a top-notch converter and not only that but also brings output of high quality. It has also been well equipped tool wise to make sure that it deals with documents in PDF formats are dealt with exclusively. Here are some of its magical features brought to the market courtesy of WPS PDF Converter;

  • Comes in two versions that is the desktop and the online versions.
  • Converts PDFs into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, TXT and Images into high quality output.
  • Has the ability to convert the PDF documents into other over 300 different forms.
  • Supported in the following Windows operating systems; X9, 7, 8, 9, 10 and Vista.
  • eBooks are also converted into formats that can be edited.
  • After conversion it is observed that all font styles, colours and styles are not altered in any way.
  • The online does not require payment to run and converts large files with a lot of ease.

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  1. Nuance PDF Converter

For an always on the move technology generation ,as far as converting software one has to acquire the Nuance PDF Converter to ensure that he/she is not left out in the digital way of doing things. Reason behind this being that the converting tool discussed is appropriate for accurate and easy handling of PDF documents. It performs as good as the top dogs of converting tools get their tasks done. The software outputs are presentable but at times their edibility are limited.

  • It boasts of having the highest security levels with a 256 bit encryption.
  • It has been developed to maintain the original formats of files being converted completely retaining all the graphs and columns that may have been applied in the texts..
  • It makes capturing notes three times faster as to that of writing as it is in cooperated with the “Dragon Note” that recognizes speech.
  • Security is guaranteed with the use of passwords.
  • Search of alphabets and numerical has been fastened by the feature “Look Like”.
  • Different multiple page elements are added as separate elements.

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  1. Free Online OCR PDF Converter


For those who do not prefer a lot of procedural steps to get things must been for a long time looking for this software, Free Online OCR PDF Converter just sends a link where you download your output. The Free Online OCR PDF Converter as the name suggests works online hence there is no desktop application. It is not an easy to come across with one of a kind features but still runs at an affordable prices. The only way documents are uploaded for conversion online is by first scanning them. Here are some of the features to watch out;

  • Scans documents and applies the Optical Character Recognition OCR to detect texts.
  • Links are sent by this software once they are converted and not to the emails as most converting programmes.
  • There is no stress of having to download and install as everything is done online.
  • One can access this software across any devices such as tablets, smart phones or PC from anywhere as longer as there is access to the internet.
  • Converts files one at a time and one user cannot add multiple files.
  • It scans all types of images despite their level of resolution.

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  1. Wondershare PDF Converter


Every PDF user knows well that the higher the price of a converting tool the better output it brings and converting related services. However, there are few cases of having a few converters that do not meet their expectations and the Wondershare PDF Converter happens to fall in there. Yes it has a little shortcomings which is normal, it is not as widespread as it is generally helpful. From tests done on the Wondershare PDF Converter is that it is not a hundred percent clear tool. Its let down is having a lot of pop-ups that are very disturbing.

  • The output is fully compatible as it can be read by any reader.
  • Functions very fast once its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is shut down and t generally starts very fast.
  • French, English, Germany amongst other top languages are supported by this software.
  • It comes with a set of very superior tools that turn texts that are editable and can be easily inserted, formatted and inserted.
  • Conversion has been made easier by converting past 300 files in PDF formats at a go making it even quicker.
  • Scans images to extract texts from them and get searchable files.

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It is suggested  for one to cease an opportunity when you get one, here presented to you is just a guideline to help you choose the best PDF Converter and avoid incidences of acquiring the wrong tool due to lack of proper research. The best converting software should give you the feeling of having control in your PDF documents and by now everyone must have that one that suits them wholly.