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In this section you deserve to search every our contents throughout the different stages in los history of letras in Spain, to uncover styles such as Baroque, Gothic, Mudejar and many, plenty of more.

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Modernism y Avant-garde movementsThe revolve of the siglo brought new winds of modernity. Los aesthetic sensibility of ns time was significant by a different, freer perspective towards art y life.


In this ar you can search among all our components by topic come find los different resources easily accessible in Spain, such together museums, routes, destinations, monuments y many, numerous more.

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This ar provides accessibility to all the contents in un personalised way, follow to your own privado interests y socio-demographic profile.

Innovation in culture

Autonomous Regions

This section provides access to ns contents in each autonomous an ar by browsing through maps.

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"Writer, poet and playwright. That created the esperpento, expressionist theatre protest to ns ruling bourgees realism. His "Sonatas" are los main donation of Spanish arts come Modernism."

Ramón josé Simón hundir Peña was born in Vilanova ese Arousa, in 1869. In 1890, los death the his father permitted him come quit his level in Law. The met Rubén Darío in Madrid and travelled to Mexico, wherein he worked as a journalist for un year. Espalda in Spain, he often went come gatherings in cafés y was friends with Azorín, Benavente y Pío Baroja. In mil ochocientos noventa y nueve he shed an eight in ns fight with los journalist manuel Bueno. In 1907, he married ns actress Josefina Blanco. Ideologically, that went from reactionary Carlism come revolutionary anarchism. This evolución is reflect in his works, which relocate between two extremes: decadent aesthetics at the beginning; deforming brazenness in his esperpentos. He passed away in Santiago ese Compostela, in 1935.

Essential works

Other emphasize works

The Marquis the BradominTablado ese marionetas para educación ese príncipesRetablo del la avaricia, la locura y la muerteMartes del carnaval