In 1971, António Lobo Antunes’ life is brutally interrupted once he is drafted into los Portuguese army to serve as uno doctor in one of ns worst zones of the colonia War – ns East that Angola. Away desde everything dear that writes letters to his wife while that is immersed in an increasingly violent setting. While that moves between several military write-ups he drops in love for africa and matures politically. In ~ his side, an entire generation struggles y despairs for the regresar home. In los uncertainty of war events, only los letters can make the survive.

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Genre: Drama,War

Director: Ivo Ferreira, Ivo M. Ferreira

Actors: David Caracol, Francisco Hestnes, Isac Graça, João Pedro Mamede, João Pedro Vaz, Margarida Vila-Nova, nombre de niño Nunes, Orlando Sérgio, Ricardo Pereira, Simão Cayatte, Tiago Aldeia


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Little Shit

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Four runaway teens are catapulted on ns wild y uplifting road trip el fin of los city and across the water to a magical isla music festival.

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