Centro de alto rendimiento sierra nevada

Sports science

From ns Sports scientific researches area we lug disciplines prefer medicine, physiology, biomechanics y performance analysis, with ns clear strategy of supporting the training and recovery processes in order to optimize los performance of ours athletes.

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With un capacity for ciento ochenta athletes, it is provided with several polyvalent lounges, entertain room, restaurant, cafeteria, net area, ski storage, washing bikes area, laundry, Wi-Fi, etc. Us offer uno wide variety of rooms: individual rooms, pair rooms, adjusted rooms and suite rooms because that coaches. All of them room provided with TV, telephone and internet access.

Dining area

We offer un totally adapted menu for ns athletes´ needs. In addition, our comida services possess the Halal Certificate.

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Our facilities comprise 22.000 m2, which are efficiently spread to enable ns practice of all kind of sports. It is worthy to mention that our framework are provided con a 50 meters Olympic swim pool, a 400 meters out athletics track, an dentro athletics track y several multi-purpose pavilions.

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If girlfriend have any kind of questions, contact us. You can access los contact form by clicking los button.





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HIGH power CENTER car Sierra neva belongs to higher Council of sports – ministry of Education, Culture y Sport.
Public service management concessionaire sociedad in charge of los complete management of the car Sierra Nevada
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