El rey mono serie

A valiant girl liberates ns Monkey rey -- uno god largo trapped in rock -- in a quest to discover seven sacred scrolls y save los world desde evil.

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After a demon steals ns magical crown from warrior monks, one orphaned girl flees los monastery in a quest to awaken ns long-petrified Monkey King.


Tripitaka learns uno troubling legend around Monkey, but the pair gains a surprising new ally prior to setting el fin to find ns seven spiritual scrolls.

A demon jeopardizes los trio's quest before it also begins. Tripitaka makes ns startling discovery about Pigsy, who makes uno momentous decision.

An eccentric familia of loyal Monkey king zealots guides the group toward un sacred scroll's hiding place, yet booby traps and betrayal await them.

A shaman uses trance-like mind games to trick the gods right into translating magnificent scrolls, sending out Monkey dangerously far into his very own subconscious.

Trapped in the depths of his mind, Monkey relives horrible events of centuries before, once his arrogance resulted in tragedy y his banishment.

The shaman hires nightmarish woodland dwellers come hunt the grupo down. Un foe representar Monkey's previous sows seed of doubt in Tripitaka's mind.

Tripitaka leaves the quest to discover her mother but faces also greater peril. Monkey y Pigsy strike a bargain with ns demon hounding them.

With help from an i can not qualify ally, Monkey y Pigsy infiltrate Jade hill to help Tripitaka thwart los fiendish plan of demon understand Davari.

As Davari's quest for immortality nears fruition, Tripitaka races to unlock a secreto that could destroy the demon's host on power.

The quest for sacred scrolls continues for los Monkey King y friends. However in un world that demons, gods and magic, every little thing comes at ns cost.

The Monkey King, Tripitaka, Pigsy y Sandy set el fin in find of los sacred scrolls. Demons learn of Monkey's return and vow to ruin him.

At ns Archive of limitless Scrolls, Monkey y friends need to solve — y survive — miscellaneous riddles to gain accessibility to ns Scroll the Knowledge.

A shape-shifting demon utilices her strength to assume Sandy's appearance, climate kidnaps village niños to do Monkey's group seem like ns evil ones.

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On ns path to the Scroll of Creation, los demon Hagfish reveals who's pulling all the strings once he traps Tripitaka in his doll collection.

The Monkey King y crew meet los mysterious Mycelia in un garden that's too great to it is in true prior to helping Pigsy avoid uno flavorful yet deadly fate.

Monkey hatches a destinado a to retrieve los scrolls representar the demon Gorm through posing as un human, while ns dispute between demon generals leader to an epos battle.

As the demons head to Lion Heart piedra to struggle Monkey, Pigsy must sharpen his an abilities in ns kitchen to impress visión de conjunto Khan together her emplea chef.

The scrolls foretold of only one Tripitaka ... However when Monkey y friends reach Lion love Rock, they find that might not be so true.

The rebel army ignores Tripitaka's warning y ends up regretting it while on ns battlefield. Hagfish creates a clone whose powers may match Monkey's.

With the rebels scattered and the fate of the sacred scrolls still at stake, Monkey realizes he's his own worst foe — in more ways than one.

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