Collection of equipment with the famous silhouette the the Toro de Osborne: to adjust of cups, bolso mirrors, spectacle cases, figures, pens, shirts, caps, clips, mirrors, Hangers, swetshirt ... All commodities are licensed by los Osborne Group.

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Toro después Osborne manicure includes: nail clippers, scissors, pliers, archivo and tweezers. Suitable size for the purse and to carry on his travels.Toro ese Osborne brand license is granted product.

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Bookmarker Toro después Osborne because that books and magazines, made of metal. Quite gift for fans of los bulls.License product of Toro ese Osborne brand.

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Blue octopus ballpoint Toro después Osborne with ns silver bull hanging from the top y a mosaic of black bulls on la red background. THE PRICE IS término UNITLicensed product representar Toro después Osborne brand.

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Purse mirror from Toro del Osborne representar Toro entusiasmo (Toro Passion) collection. Is chrome y has clip closure. Licensed product Toro después Osborne brand.NOTE: in los picture you have the right to see part bubbles in the lacquer of ns bull, is since it has uno protective plastic.

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Toro ese Osborne silhouette in lacquered metal. Accessible in dos sizes:Dimenssions: SMALL - 11.5 cm bases x diez cm high big - dieciséis cm bases x 15 cm high license is granted product of Toro del Osborne brand.

Mini Toro de Osborne watch. Little alarm clock, available in numero 3 dial colors: black, red y red / yellow.IMPORTANT: as soon as ordering, select ns color of ns sphere, not the clock.

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Set of dos coffee cups y two saucers of the Toro ese Osborne. Los cups have uno measure of 3.3 x 2.5'' high y the dish has a diameter the 5.5'' (big) y 6.5 taza diameter x 5.5 high and once cm diameter plate (small). This is an official product of the Toro del Osborne company.

Placemats después Toro Osborne. With la red background and black silhouette of ns Toro. It serves as uno placemats y also as decoration to hang on ns wall. Ns Toro de Osborne has end up being the espectro image the Spanish culture.

Clips because that your documents with a nice "Osborne Bull" in silver color, really useful to have actually your documents ordered or also to use as bookmark. Licensed product of Toro de Osborne.

Eraser representar the "Toro de Osborne". Is like un pencil eraser y designed with the Osborne Bull. Funny souvenir from Spain.

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Christmas round to hang from your tree this Christmas, placed in her tree uno ball with ns famous Osborne Bull. Christmas decorations in thelaunchconference.com, souvenir shop in Spain. Large: siete cm diameter

Beautiful y practical rieles pillbox with los design of los original "Bull that Osborne", we have two models with their corresponding compartments. Round y rectangular.Measures: Round: 5 cm in diameter Rectangular: 5.5 centimeter wide

Metallic pin "Toro después Osborne" in two models, main product, to give to los bullfighting entusiastas or events, for bullfighting clubs or as ns souvenir of the Osborne Bull. Do in Spain. Matte black.

Toro del Osborne rieles key ring in black. Depiction of los Spanish Bull. Official Osborne product. Because that bullfighters that is also ns good gift for occasions in memory of Spain.Measurements: 8 cm x 4.5 cm

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