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how to get to Jardins después Cap RoigAddress:Jardins después Cap Roig17210 Calella después Palafrugell,SpainTelephone: +34 972614582E-mail: This correo address is being protected desde spambots. You need JavaScript permitted to watch it Jardins de Cap Roig costa Brava. Los Jardins después Cap Roig botanical gardens are located by the sea in Calella del Palafrugellclose to the town of Palafrugell. Annually they host an yearly music festividad called Festival después Cap Roig. Los gardens room only available by road. It takes about uno hour by automóvil from Girona and 2,5 hours desde Barcelona.Directions to lid Roig GardensGPS ar Cap Roig GardensWebsite cap Roig FestivalGetting to Jardins ese Cap Roig reparado from BarcelonaBy carThe best way to ns Cap Roig reparado by automóvil directions to lid Roig GardensBy busYou deserve to take ns bus come Calella después Palafrugell desde Barcelona and then by taxi to the concert venue, however it bring away a long time y getting back will be more daunting at night for this reason an overnight stay in recommended.By trainThere is cuales train come Calella del Palafrugell.
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Saturday, 20 November 2021
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