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Spanish broadcaster RTVE has actually released the completamente versions of ns songs that will complete in the Eurovision Gala for trabaja Triunfo top top Sunday.

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The ten song vying to represent Spain at los Eurovision track Contest dos mil diecinueve have now been released in full, delaware originally being selected through an on line vote, with los public vote on demo versions of all of the songs. Los ten songs have actually now been revamped front of ns national finalmente on January 20. Los ten songs that will complete in los Eurovision Gala are:

María – “Muérdeme” – Public vote QualifierNoelia – “Hoy vuelvo uno reír es diferente vez” – Public vote QualifierNatalia – “La clave” – Public poll QualifierFamous – “No puedo más”Miki – “La venda”Marilia – “Todo bien”Natalia y Miki – “Nadie se salva”Sabela – “Hoy soñaré”Julia – “Qué quieres que haga”Carlos – “Se coche nota”

Listen come the finalmente versions of the songs here.

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The winner of los Eurovision Gala of trabaja Triunfo will be chose by windy voting alone will decidir the winner. However, unlike final year’s selection, over there will just be one round of voting.

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Amaia y alfred were selected through the previous edition of operación Triunfo to stand for Spain in Lisbon final year. They finished 23rd in the eventualmente with a enteramente of 61 points, adhering to their power of “Tu canción”.

Source: RTVE

Spain debuted in ns Eurovision Song contest in mil novecientos sesenta y uno and has contended annually since. Spain has won the contest on two occasions los first gift in 1968 and ns second tiempo in 1969. Mil novecientos sesenta y nueve is los only year where more than one song has won ns contest, the 1969 contest saw uno four-way tie between Spain, France, los United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Since 2000 Spain has actually only managed to end up in ns top.10 on 5 occasions, the último time being in 2014 with Ruth Lorenzo. However, the country has perfect 20th or below on nine occasions, the worst placement gift 26th in 2017.

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