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As the directivo of big Brother VIP is referred to as María Zambrano, we were not going to be less and even if it was only due to the fact that of ns echo with that same name of un great philosopher, that was tiempo to consult someone that is pure wisdom. Anyone knows that los thinker haver Gomá is a crazy follower of the program. Apart from his treatises ~ above Public exemplarity or the the final titled Dignity, so he has actually written on los pages of this section as one that confesses a fatales sin. That does no mind admitting that much more than as a sociology or un thought, that is a fan of the program due to the fact that he declares himself a lifelong gossip. "What me gustaría am going to tell friend is an extremely serious: this edition need to be necessarily deserted," he advises minutes before it began.

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His conclusion, no doubt, is affected by los disappointment led to by the elimination of our hero: grasp Joao. Yet his judgment was based upon very solid comments. We space not walk to reveal what compliment that dedicated con name and surname to every of the three finalists, yet one said he was an example of vulgar y dementing vulgarity, an additional that had actually pyrepire moments but that all of sudden he to be terrifying and aggressive the último one that was simply uno faker.

With such premises, we had to emphasis on los true attractions of los closing that this edition. The steamroller that has damaged records and yet has been made, in theory, ns harakiri in prior of all Spain. The verdadero morbid, more than on los set, remained in publicity. Los audience was going come burst, that's because that sure: what about ns ads? There to be an plentiful artillery of ns chain chin which always gives un feeling the filling, however there were likewise portrayed brands of perfumes and beauty products, stores, festivals, videos games or telephone service providers willing to take component of the 36% audience re-publishing – “the very same as a Madrid-Barça”, defined veteran Mila Ximénez to ns Tererealidad scholarship holders – while other companies fled space delaware the controversy of supposed abuseor sexo for stable in court two years ago.

The real morbid was there: in the demonstration of los extent come which the GH phenomenon difficulties audiences to ns advertising industry itself delaware the dispute of los Carlota pasto case. Ns world upside down. The nuevo moral and economic password on the table. Los bust come miss ns opportunity to exhibition their commodities at Christmas before the most large showcase of ns television grill 5 days delaware Santa Claus goes down the chimney. Principles y brand call against los temptation to take ns slice. Escaped by the storm in ns networks, a competition unable to cope with it and the an extremely nature of a program that difficulties its own borders in every edition.

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That taken place in the verdadero world. Within the shed idealized by its very own actors con dreams of hollow fame in ns Instagram era, ns finalists showed indicators of suffering representar Stockholm syndrome y not wanting to leave. Mila was los first to it is in fired by ns audience. His participation y his strength have been to use the program as uno therapy to combat depression, yet despite uno heavy mania because that wanting to accumulate pity top top purpose, in his assaults of anger a certain truth was glimpsed. Particularly when i let go: "I'm going come spend the money ~ above psychologists y surgery because me gustaría have aged below for 5 years!"

Quite ns opposite of Adara's perpetual and calculated paripé, that pretty face that lost 10 kilos once it appeared on the screen without a mass that potingues con makeup on ns face. Alba, on los other hand, has been nothing wrapped in Lana Turner's ringlets. One appeared dressed as un blackberry queen and another together an old Hollywood star. The two have contended well at lull in los liters the mascara dissolved in tear that they released in each situation. What a pain to see human being crying again and again!

With the final issue in charge of uno loaded y recharged sobery come fill four hours the memeces, another of the attractions dropped on ns reappearance the Jorge Javier delaware airing depressions and lowers publicly. He shortly mastered the cotarro y laughed at himself. In his an initial conversation con Alba, that released: “I have actually been placed dos sterns, however you have actually had a fucking mommy time. ” Brio, me irony and an amazing job to admitir who is the king of the set: "Luckily identificación go to treatment every week."

She still wants to obtain her bending – his expression – with that Big Brother that's life. It can have appeared at first, diecisiete years ago. Today, its contestants are experts of ns hysterical emptiness, blandengue y calculated to succeed in the product. A specific flora y fauna Not life, Jorge Javier. That's one more thing. Flora y fauna very fine chosen, yes: as much regarding destroy own y other people's prediction in the ser of pay-TV, when los vaunted decline of open television does not arrive, no one is it expected in los face of los rise of ns platforms.

For the rest, there was additionally some tension as soon as it involved fear if ns wind y rain that Elsa It would certainly ruin los Christmas story set castle had mounted on the door. For los interior, they decided something an ext in línea with los world premiere that Star wars: uno dizzy aesthetic of displays that emulated los launch of the ships at the speed of light, music of angels y contestants who, together you all know, it seems to be ~ taken representar a tavern on ns planet Tatooine.

Until almost two o'clock in the morning los winner was no known. A schedule for sleepless, retired y idle: Adara triumphed. He exit his unbearable hysteria in the form of chained shouts: Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! If he won, it was since he knew exactly how to placed hot, warm scenes y kept fuera de of the most conflict irradiations, contributing his romance with Gianmarco at the expense of ns disgust he gave Hugo, los father of his son. That has ultimately chosen this Valentino with uno tango air that Jorge havier loves, follow to him, "because he has all ns teeth." ns Bolognese tasted every little thing until he smelled victory meat amongst Adara's lipstick.

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There it to be played y also won. Both also enjoy ns approval of understand Joao, as soon as in relation to hugo he said: "You have been not correct as ns father yet not as a son." His mother, on the other hand, walk not see it clearly: the believes the the de verdad world has actually nothing to do con that concentration acampar built on compelled fictional power. Los moment to be bitter for those who may be the último star of truth TV. But that's what mother are un little for, right? come lower ns sufflé. That is life.