A an effective miniature masterpiece, yet it"s fiddly come use

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Video top quality is 2nd to none, 10MP still imagenes will be an excellent enough because that most, y the tiny package renders it the perfect companion on your travels. Ns lack of un replaceable battery is uno downer, as is the slightly confound one-button interface, but los beautifully crisp 4K footage conveniently makes up because that this.

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ForExtremely portableExcellent video and image qualityRobust, and waterproof to 10m without a caseLightweightVoice controlled

Video high quality is 2nd to none, 10MP still imagen will be good enough for most, and the small package provides it los perfect companion on your travels. The lack of uno replaceable battery is un downer, as is ns slightly confusing one-button interface, but ns beautifully crisp 4K footage conveniently makes up because that this.

Pros+ very portable+ wonderful video and image quality+ Robust, y waterproof come 10m without ns case+ Lightweight+ Voice controlled


GoPro overhauled its range of action cameras último year, adding more features to its "entry level" point of see (POV) devices y further enhancing its height spec cameras come cement its call as rey of the action cams.

Hero 6 Black, however also los Hero (2018) y Hero 7 Black. If you"re feather for ns ultimate activity camera, get the Hero 7 Black, however if you"re on ns budget, uneven you really need ns ultra compact proportions of ns Hero 5 Session, you"re probably better served getting los Hero 5 Black, which has seen un significant price palliation in recent months. If you can live there is no 4K y looking because that an affordable activity camera, the Hero (2018) is good choice.>

Granted, over there are currently plenty of competidor offerings the aim to tempt buyers away desde the greatest name in sports y action shooting, but couple of can compete with los level of features and image quality offered by ns Californian brand.


The Hero5 Session sits in the middle the GoPro"s current cámara lineup, borrowing many elements representar its bigger Hero5 black color brother (which has just been superseded through both los Hero6 Black and Hero7 Black), yet featuring ns scaled-down simplicity and exterior packaging of los more affordable Hero Session.

It may sound confusing, and there"s a big price disparity between the four cameras, but the key point to keep in mind is that the Hero5 session shoots in 4K at 30fps, like the Hero5 Black, while stills are caught at 10MP (as opposed to 12MP by los Hero5 Black) and it features GoPro"s ProTune function for simpler post-production editing.

In short, it"s simplest to think of los Hero5 session as un Hero5 black color lite, albeit one without ns handy rear touchscreen or los professional-grade performance.

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GoPro Hero5 Session: features

4K video capture in ~ 30fps10MP tho imagesNo rear tocar display

GoPro knows its audience, i m sorry is why the can acquire away con offering ns number of cameras over a variety of prices con very raza features.

But for those wanting experto touches, such together ultra-sharp image quality vía an all-glass lens, excellent low luz performance y 4K filming at 60fps, then the Hero6 black is definitely the camera to plump for.

That said, ns Hero5 session still manages come cram uno hefty amount into its diminutive shell, including the aforementioned 4K at 30fps videos resolution, ProTune options and other pro-grade features, not to cite voice control y excellent smartphone connectivity.

It is ns lot more expensive than the near identical-looking Hero Session, but that camera doesn"t assistance 4K video, no one does it deporte voice control or the Superview, Linear y Narrow fields of view.

Features-wise, though, it"s much more useful to compare los Hero5 conference to its enlarge brother, since side-by-side there"s very little to separate ns two bar un slightly reduced cuadro rate at certain vídeo resolutions, the lack that RAW and WDR still image files, y the much an ext user-friendly rear touchscreen display.

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The tiny differences in top quality will be an overwhelming to spot for anyone utilizing the cámara on a casualmente basis, but the fact that ns Hero5 session doesn"t have ns rear display or an interchangeable battery will be reason sufficient for those utilizing their camera on a regular basis to run to ns more high-quality Hero5 black or Hero6 Black.