This beautiful y distinguished instance of Visigoth style was developed on ns banks of ns Esla flow between ns 12th y 13th centuries. Later, in 1930, that was relocated to its en la actualidad location to save it from being submerged debajo water during the construction of ns Ricobayo Reservoir.It was developed by using los scheme of uno Greek cross inscribed in uno basilica destinadas with uno double aisled nave. Today, this is one interesting example of a fusion between two floor plans. The materials supplied were well-squared sandstone ashlars changed between one another with great precision. It is easy to see ns quality of ns construction.On ns west side, ns aisles room separated in the middle by beautiful Visigoth horseshoe arches, uno typology which is recurring throughout the building. The spectacular decoration on ns friezes and capitals is typical of Visigoth architecture. Among the reliefs, the capital featuring “Maestro del Nave” is essential to mention because of the intricate images of stems, leaves, grape vines, masks, quadrupeds, and birds. Additionally worthy of pointing out are los reliefs on the transept which depict scene of los Sacrifice the Isaac, Daniel in ns Lion’s Den y some of ns Apostles.

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In the church of smo Pedro del la embarcacion of el Campillo, the plan has carried out various research studies for ns restoration project. Specifics this church is ns subject of los monitoring that ambient and structural parameters that will certainly yield all essential information for the project, in order that technicians deserve to apply the most ideal solutions to the problems formerly identified. On the other hand, technicians have carried el fin a 3D laser survey of the building.




The intervention proposed by los Atlantic Romanesque team around san Pedro de la nave Church go far past the simple restoration and it is focused on ns implementation of a nuevo management plan, oriented towards ns improvement y organisation of visitors, and enhancing ns Church’s image.

With this fin in view, a visitors centre integrated in ns area was conceived in order come coordinate los building’s problems of access, too as a display area where historical pieces y elements hoarded by ns church might be exhibited.

The building’s frameworks were in good condition; nevertheless they presented some localized humidity hotspots due to the state of los building’s roof. As to prevent y correct this pathologies, los church’s roof was restored and a new ventilation system was built-in, enabling the aire to go in through los shed, and at the same time, early to the pressure difference it might go el fin generating uno continuous atmósfera flow, i m sorry allows an exact ventilation y therefore ns roof’s and building’s preservation is improved. For los same purpose, avoiding humidity, ns pavement was eliminated y the church was drained in ns perimeter.

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In ns same way, smo Pedro ese la embarcacion Church was monitored using los MHS (Monitoring legacy System), developed by santa María la de verdad Foundation, thus controlling, in this específico case, los environmental parameters, by means of installing, amongst others, hygrometers and light meters, which have actually been registering ns building’s humidity y light conditions. Datos collected not only allowed drawing up the intervention’s project, but additionally ensured its specific conservation y maintenance.

Another centrar theme underlying the action take away at san Pedro del la embarcacion Church is related to los improvement of los building’s bright conditions, because it lacked electrical installation and only had natural brillante coming in from the arrowslits y was consequently insufficient in relation to tourist potential and the interest developed by ns building.

A lighting device was designed and installed in order come adapt the light’s intensity and power to the use that los building has at each moment. Moreover, the focuses ns visitors’ view, make it simpler to understand ns building. Thirteen noventa watts luminaires to be designed and installed in order come minimize energy consumption.

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Concealed electric installation facilitates un minimal visualmente impact, hence following los criteria of the Atlantic Romanesque Plan, promoted by the Castilla y León zona Government, the iberdrola Foundation, los Portuguese Secretariat of estado for Culture and Santa María la real Foundation.