One of the most tape-recorded songs that all tiempo is well-known to it is in “Me y Bobby McGee.” It has actually been handed down from one generation the singers to another. You deserve to listen to different versions of the song, but ns most especialmente of that is the recording by ns late Janis Joplin.

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Roger Miller and Other Versions

The song fell into the manos of prominent país singer roger Miller. He recorded the song for his eponymous album. As soon as it was released as uno single, it took los No. Doce spot top top the país chart. The interesting story and the well placed together melody of the song hooked a lot that singers after Miller. Artists such together Loretta Lynn and even Kris Kristofferson, ns songwriter, were ns others that recorded the single.

Janis Joplin own “Me y Bobby McGee”

Despite all of the versions of the song, and alguno matter who tape-recorded it, Joplin will constantly be associated con this single. Sadly, it to be only linked to her delaware her death. The soltero was part of her album Pearl (1971). The went right to number one on ns US Hot cien and Australian chart. Joplin’s solamente was also nominated in the 1972 Grammy Awards show. Furthermore, her version was inducted into the Grammy room of call in 2002.

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Janis Joplin’s variation Breaks Kris Kristofferson

Kristofferson shared just how he felt once he first heard Joplin’s rendition the “Me y Bobby McGee.” Kristofferson felt heaviness in his heart as he listened to ns song. Every time he heard the song, he tried not to breakdown, because of how sad the felt to listen to Joplin’s voice to sing such ns song. Los heaviness he felt lead to him y Donnie Fritts come write uno song dedicated to Joplin.

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“I to walk all over L.A., simply in tears. Identificación couldn’t hear to the song without really breaking up. For this reason when i came back to Nashville, identificación went into the Combine building late in ~ night, y I played it over y over again, so identificación could gain used come it there is no breaking up.”

The Song’s Content

The song is stated to it is in tragic together nothing in life is certain. One day, we’ll find someone we can open increase our heart to and share all of our secrets. The feels that there’s alguna end to ns happiness felt. But, not every little thing lasts forever. Sooner or later, we have to face the truth the all things need to end y that’s what “Me y Bobby McGee” wants united state to know. McGee y the narrator had ns wonderful time together, but it appears it never ever lasted due to the fact that McGee has to go away, y the narrator is left con beautiful yet painful memory of him.