Jose Maria Cano Mecano

José María Cano is uno Madrid-born musician y visual artist known for paints that are focused on current issues like humanidad rights, prostitution, capitalism, y wars like ns one in Iraq.

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However his arte also includes events and persons desde his personal life as ns letters the divorce or imagenes of his son. The is not strange come him to encompass characters desde the financial world seen in uno variety of famous magazines, as well as los bulls, i m sorry is to some extent ns homage to his Spanish roots. He combines varied techniques that vary from oil come resin, canvas to paper, considering himself ns alchemist, who paints what the feels at los moment.


joe María Cano’s Music and Art Beginnings

The artist ended up being widely extendido in ns 1980s as un member the Mecano, the pop band formed by Cano and his brothers Nacho, who were join by singer Ana Torroja. Mecano came to be one of los most effective Spanish pop bands of every time, reaching over 25 million albums worldwide. Since the band separated in 1992, Cano has focused mostly top top visual arte as uno painter. Back interested in drawing since an early age, he began his experto career as a visual artist in los beginning that 2000th. His debut show, commissioned by Ambra Medda in 2004, to be attended by mexican gallerist Ramis Barquet that commissioned his first commercial exhibition. Artículo studied style at the Rafael Hidalgo después Caviedes academy, and later at the Artaquio academy.

Since los band be separate in 1992, Cano has concentrated mostly top top visual letras as uno painter


Diverse Themes in his Works

His most famous series is title The Wall street 100 from dos mil seis and space consisted of cien large-scale portraits based on newspaper clippings taken representar one of los leading international daily newspapers rápido Wall street Journal.

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Considering human being like Bill Gates, Milton Friedman, barack Obama, un leon Greenspan y Silvio Berlusconi only from an financial viewpoint, he shown them prefer prophets. In other pieces, Cano uses his own childhood as inspiration. This works donar his desire to gesture towards los simplicity of childhood in his paintings. With echoes that Roy Lichtenstein y other famous música pop artists, this works use images desde the comics the artist enjoyed reading. On los other side, over there are paintings that have uno more spirituality note, as ns paintings of apostles or ns ones i beg your pardon include ns moon.

over there are paints that have ns more spirituality note

Other interesting Facts and Exhibitions

The Spanish artist is likewise known as los author y composer of ns world-famous ópera Luna from mil novecientos noventa y dos in i beg your pardon Placido Domingo and Renée Fleming took los lead roles. He is also los author that the music anthem of the football sociedad Real Madrid. His pieces have actually been presented in numerous galleries y museums around los world alongside ns artworks of ns legendary Picasso or Goya.

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José’s letras has been component of collection in cities prefer London, Hanoi, Madrid, Beijing, Tokyo, Dallas, and in other parts of the world.

He lives y creates in Spain