¿Te están preparando para el certificado B2 (FCE)?, correcto es de esta manera este listado ese recomendaciones te servirá de gran utilidad y te va a ayudar a mejorada tu vocabulario, grammar y writing. Este listado de diez libros dentro inglés para nivel B2 podría de sido qué es más extenso, sí muchos qué es más libros los te podría recomendar aun he preferido dejarlo hacia otro post.

Tu lees esto: Libros de lectura en ingles nivel b2

Este denominaciones el listado que fundidores recomendar a mis estudiantes de very first (B2) en la academia Let’s Talk en Valencia, mis favoritos der he puesto dentro de las primero posiciones, espero ese disfrutes ese estos títulos y cima tu inglés.

The Curious event of ns Dog in the Nightime

Autor: marcos Haddon

Libro extremadamente recomendable por su originalidad, siendo narrado por un el hombre joven de 15 años, ns vocabulario no es demasiado complicado, perfecto hacia un nivel b2 sin salida de cantidad una antesala muy interesante hacia jóvenes y adultos.

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“The Curious incident of the Dog in los Night-Time is uno murder an enig novel like alguna other. Ns detective, y narrator, is Christopher Boone. Christopher is fifteen and has Asperger’s Syndrome. He knows a very great deal about maths y very tiny about humano beings. That loves lists, patterns and the truth. That hates los colours yellow y brown and being touched. He has never gone additional than the end of ns road top top his own, yet when he finds a neighbour’s dog murdered the sets el fin on un terrifying trip which will revolve his whole world upside down.”

A largo Way Down

Autor: Nick Hornby

Es uno de los libros qué es más entretenidos del este bien conocido autor. Recomendaría esta libro en particular causada es la historia de varias personas que viven la a situación en común y todos ellos hablan de situaciones cotidianas de lo que eliminar muy útil para aprendiendo inglés y ns lector se quizás sentir identificado.

“Meet Martin, JJ, Jess, and Maureen. Four civilization who come together on new Year’s Eve: ns former televisión talk show host, un musician, uno teenage girl, y a mother. Tres are British, one is American. They encounter one one more on los roof the Topper’s House, uno London destination famous as the último stop for those ready to fin their lives.In four distinct y riveting first-person voices, Nick Hornby speak a historia of 4 individuals confronting ns limits the choice, circumstance, y their own mortality…“

The an excellent Automatic Grammatizator y Other Stories

Autor: Roald Dahl

Famoso por libro para colegial como Matilda o carlos y la Fábrica ese Chocolate, hacía mi Dahl es uno ese los cima escritores ese relatos cortos para adultos. Sea como sea ns género que te guste, dentro de esta minúsculas lista después libros del R. Dahl encontrarás qué que té llame la atención.

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“A arsenal of thirteen short stories written by British author Roald Dahl. The stories were selected for teenagers desde Dahl’s adult works. All los stories contained were published somewhere else originally; their resources are provided below. Ns stories, with ns exception of ns war historia “Katina”, possess a deadpan, ironic, bizarre, or even macabre sense the humor. Castle generally fin with unforeseen plot twists.”

Ah, Sweet secret of Life

Autor: Roald Dahl


“Roald Dahl bring to life stories of everyday country folk y their strange passions. Whether it is taking un troublesome cow to it is in mated with uno prime bull, dealing with a rat-infested hayrick, finding out the ways y means of maggot farming, or describing ns fine letras of poaching pheasants using nothing however raisins y sleeping pills.”

Kiss, Kiss

Autor: Roald Dahl


“A repertoire of quick stories because that adults, Kiss Kiss serves up los unexpected. Eleven disturbing, sinister tales from the grasp of los twist in ns tale. These classic tales desde Roald Dahl, discover desire, deceit y the macabre with shocking results.”

Over come You

Autor: Roald Dahl


“It brings together 10 of Roald Dahl’s more quickly stories, countless of them collection during los Second mundo War and drawing on his very own experiences as uno fighter pilot. It contains his very first paid item of writing, los short story A item of Cake, i m sorry was initially published in 1942 in americano magazine The Saturday evening Post under ns title Shot debajo Over Libya. “

Animal Farm

Autor: george Orwell. “All pets are equal. However some animals are an ext equal than others.”

Después de la sobredosis ese títulos de Roal Dahl, seguimos con G. Orwell. ¡No te tu puedes hacer perder esta clásico!. Historia de una revolución que alguna salió como se esperaba, una sátira brillante sobre cómo la fuerza después corrupción del poder. Eliminar un factbook corto, entretenido y extremadamente sarcástico. Sin sospechar una del las juego maestras de la antesala de la literatura. Si te ha gustado agrada este, alguno te puedes dejar ir “1984”, ese mismo autor, los dos libros perfectamente asequibles a ~ un grado B2.

“Mr Jones the Manor farm yard is so lazy y drunken that one trabaja he forgets to feeding his livestock. Los ensuing rebellion under the leadership of los pigs Napoleon y Snowball leads to los animals taking over the farm. Vowing to eliminate the terrible inequities of ns farmyard, ns renamed flora y fauna Farm is hold to advantage all who walk on four legs. But as tiempo passes, the ideals of ns rebellion space corrupted, climate forgotten. And something new and unexpected emerges. . .”

GRADED readers (Oxford Bookworms)

Para terminar con la lista después lecturas recomendadas en inglés para grado B2, aquí van algunos recomendaciones del “readers”, perfectos para estudiantes del B2 causado están personalizado al la licenciatura B2 y puedes descargar ns audio y de esta manera mejorar su pronunciación del forma considerable al unísono que extensas tu vocabulario. Existe una amplio colección ese la editorial Oxford, algunos de mis priorizado que usted puede encontrar dentro la librería inglesa especializado de Let’s speak English center son:

Thirty nine measures (level 4)

I turned on the light, but there to be nobody there. Then me gustaría saw something in ns corner that made mine blood turn cold. Scudder to be lying on his back. There was a largo knife v his heart, pinning that to los floor.’ Soon richard Hannay is running for his life across the hills that Scotland. Ns police room chasing him for a murder he did not do, y another, an ext dangerous adversary is chasing him too – ns mysterious ‘Black Stone’. Who room these people? y why execute they desire Hannay dead?

The an excellent Gatsby (level 5)

Gatsby’s mansion ~ above Long island blazes with light, and the beautiful, the wealthy, and the well known drive out from New York to drink Gatsby’s champagne and to party every night long. Yet Jay Gatsby, los owner of every this wealth, wants just one point – to uncover again the woman the his dreams, the woman he has actually held in his heart y his memory for five long years. The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece, is one of los great american novels of the twentieth century. It records perfectly ns Jazz period of ns 1920s, y goes deep into ns hollow love of the american Dream

This Rough magia (level 5)

The Greek island of Corfu lies like a jewel, green and gold, in the Ionian sea, where delfín swim in the sparkling azul water. What better place for an out-ofwork actress to relax for un few weeks? but the island is saturado of danger y mysteries, y Lucy Waring’s holiday is far desde peaceful. She meets un rude young man, who seems to have actually something to hide. Then there is a death through drowning, and then another…