Amid Virus Outbreak, Ho Chi Minh'S Taxi Drivers Serve On The Front Lines

Taxi was once a convenient and popular transportation method in Vietnam, before the rise of Grab. However, in major cities, taxis are still seen here & there, making it convenient for when you don"t want lớn use the app or to lớn simply enjoy the pleasure of hailing one down the street. Although the decline of xe taxi also fortunately resulted in fewer scam cases, just take cảnh báo of the few reputable taxi brand in case you decide to lớn take one. 

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MaiLinh Group Taxi

There are some reputable taxi companies in Vietnam that should be on đứng đầu of your head when you look for one. They include:

Mai Linh Taxi: This is one of the most popular xe taxi brands in all over Vietnam with cab in many tourism destinations. There services are safe và flexible with diverse xe taxi products such as Gia Dinh taxi (Tel: 024. 3.898.9898), Mai Linh Limousine (Tel: 024.3836.3636) or Saigon taxi (Tel: 028.3823.2323). Xe taxi Mai Linh often has the cover of two main colors: white & green.

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Vinasun xe taxi (Tel: a big taxi corporation in Ho đưa ra Minh city with more than 3,500 cabs and high-quality services. The company’s cabs can be recognized by the typical cover with the main white color, in addition with one red strip & green strip below.

Hanoi taxi (Tel: One of the pioneers in xe taxi services from 1993. The cab of Hanoi xe taxi is painted with purely white color.

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