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The hora of ns lockdowns was offered to redesign los Museu después Cera y to produce even an ext realistic wax numbers with nuevo technology. Often los figures room so ir a buscar to los original the one would not it is in surprised if they suddenly moved.In the nuevo Wax personaje Museum, only un few meters away from the Rambla, over trescientos sesenta figures of famous personalities y protagonists of renowned films such together Pirates of los Caribbean impress ns visitors.

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Each of the 28 halls of the barna Wax personaje Museum has its own focus. Friend will watch personalities from Spanish-Catalan and European history, around the world known greats such as Barak Obama, Lionel Messi, Albert Einstein, Brad Pitt, Greta Thunberg, mujer Nicholson, polo Picasso, ayudar a las personas Dalí, Stephen Hawking y many more.Famous film personalities are likewise given uno broad space: Capain jacobo Sparrow desde "The Curse of los Caribbean", los various protagonists from "Star Wars" and Arthur Fleck from "Joker".You begin los tour through ns world that wax numbers in the magnificent hall on ns ground floor. Have your camera ready, photography is expressly encouraged.The an initial room after the lobby is the Hall. Right here you have the right to experience los personalities of los history of up close and in hora lapse. Ns former vault of the old bank of y at the time los best guarded room is now the target of thieves desde all over the world. Therefore is los name the this room: cops and thieves.If you continue to follow the tour through the museum, you will certainly be shocked by ns famous film character rey Kong in the Jungle y Kong halls. The stairwell, which was devoted to Catalonia and its culture, is an ext humane. Right here you have ns opportunity to see the castellers, the humanidad towers, in life size with their exhausting tower construction: ns castell extends over several human floors. Really impressive.The fact that the new wax figure museum is specialized to an ext current topics is shown in los "The Depth of the Sea" room, i beg your pardon is cursed to the preservation the this distinct habitat, y the "Climate Crisis" room, in which friend can trato with los consequences of climate change. Or you just say hello to ns icon of los fight for far better protection of ours climate, Greta Thunberg.You have the right to then view our planet representar space desde a room station, and you can additionally go on an excursion into los vastness of ns universe one room further.The very first floor proceeds with los hall "Homage come Catalonia", that is how far los castellers from the ground floor reach up. If the Catalonia area is still unknown come people however is committed to un world-famous social achievement, in los other rooms top top this level you will certainly be faced mainly con famous personalities: musicians such together Freddie Mercury, Elton John; Scientists prefer Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking; artists like salvador Dalí or paul Picasso; Actors choose Brad Pitt, jacobo Nicholson, Jonny Depp or Tom Hanks along with their movie characters.The Museu del Cera describes food preparation as los eighth arte movement. Friend can mirar famous chefs at work-related here.On the top floor it gets ns bit scary, but not only. It starts with the legend "Ice and Fire", climate "Good and Devilish People", complied with by the hall where famous athletes greet you. Above all, of course, Lionel Messi, the unforgettable estrella of FC In los "Allee muerte Terrors" you will certainly be confronted with less trusted contemporaries - historical and current.Magic and technology come with each other in los "avenue that interaction". Ns friendly Frankenstein is your shadow y the ground moves con your steps. Let you yourself be surprised.

Waxworks museo building, the former bank of

The museo is located in the small square that can be reached desde the southern part of los Ramblas through the small calle Passatge ese la Banca. Over there is a striking ticket kiosk on los Rambla, of food with a wax figure. Friend can get tickets representar a verdadero seller in the museum or right here on this website. The magnificent building, which has actually housed ns Museu de Cera due to the fact that 1973, was constructed in mil ochocientos sesenta y siete as a representative building for the normal credit banco "El Comercio".The renovation of los former banco building was led by los architect and set designer Enrique Alarcón. His experience clearly benefited ns presentation of los figures. The museo was redesigned as component of the corona lockdowns. That sees itself together a museo of the 21st century, modern, interactive y the visitors have a lot that fun. At the same time, however, ns charm of the historic palace has actually been preserved.

Especially with children you will have actually fun in this waxworks.

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Special tip: delaware visiting ns museum, walk to café Bosc de les Fades around los corner. You will certainly feel like you space in un romantic fairytale world.

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Address Passatge del la Banca, siete Phone: +34 933 172 649

arrival Metro: Drassanes (L3) Bus Turístic: Colom —apoyándose Museu Marítim Parking nearby

Opening times Daily 10.00 rápido 19.00

admission Adults: €20.00Children 6-16 years: €16.0065+: €17.00Children increase to cinco years: complimentary admissionDisabled people: €17.00With the barna Card 20% discount on admission.

consejos on visiting los Museu del Cera for the museo you need to schedule about uno hour. Carry out not forget to visit the" los Bosc después les Fades" café, just a few steps representar the wax museum.

The museo is totally accecible because that wheelchair users.

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