Novela Turca Intersection En Español Capitulo 1

Two affluent businessmen with car obsessions overcome paths with an idealist pediatrician. Love enters los equation, and their lives adjust for good.

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Ali Nejat and Naz opportunity upon each other in Italy. Un woman representar Ali Nejat's previous shows up and leaves the with un tremendous responsibility.


Ali Nejat makes critical decision around Kaan. Naz finds uno USB relámpago drive moving Didem's last message.


Tensions grow in between Naz y Umut, who makes a acercan mistake. Tarık conspires to leave Feyza el fin of ns game, but Ali Nejat comes to her rescue.


Umut and Kenan have ns showdown, but Genco is ache in the process. Kaan is in peril, y it is up to Feyza to rescue him.

Feyza has a change of heart around Kaan. Naz speaks with Sinem around Umut, who receives un phone call and faces an ultimatum.

Naz goes fuera on ns limb because that Umut y hears about him on television. Ali Nejat is shocked when he meets ns company's nuevo designer.

Accusations that infidelity fly back y forth in between Umut and Naz. Once Naz knocks ~ above Ali Nejat's door, Neslihan opens up it.

Neslihan tries to spin points to her advantage con Ali Nejat. Naz makes un decision about Umut. Uno mix-up with İbo y Halil ensnares Ali Nejat.

While Ali Nejat is in custody, Kenan finds associates to assist him strike espalda at Umut through Naz, yet Kaan gets recorded up in the scheme too.

Kaan disappears delaware overhearing his father's conversation with Feyza. Leyla has urgent news for Naz, who tries to save it representar Umut.

Umut is to crawl to comienzo a new chapter with a hesitant Naz, however tensions as soon as again pertained to a cabeza over Ali Nejat.

Naz finds out nuevo details about Umut representar Genco. After Umut go irreparable damage, Murat renders him one enticing offer.

After parting ways con Ali Nejat, Umut plots versus him con Genco. Ali Nejat and Naz's connection arrives at ns turning point.

The past comes trasero to haunt everyone, however some space given one more chance. Nuevo plans y schemes space in los works and open up doors.

Ali Nejat's foe is close by, y he desires to clear up accounts. Naz gets caught in ns middle that everything.

A clash of wills ensues in ~ Karas Holding. Who overhears Neslihan on ns phone, and things with Feyza turn sour.

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Feyza make the efforts to speak Ali Nejat fuera de of his decision. Neslihan hits roca bottom and lets a secret slip, which spells catastrophe for Feyza.

Murat provides Neslihan an ultimatum. Oğuz has cuales choice however to move sides, y Feyza and Tarık fall into uno trap.

Murat profit greater accessibility to los Karasu family. Trouble desde the past resurfaces, y Kaan sees un darker página of Murat.

Enver does not give up conveniently on Feyza. Murat's conversation with Naz leader Ali Nejat to turn his regreso on something essential in his life.

The previous comes espalda to haunt Ali Nejat. Grudges room not forgotten, but Tarık walk not want secrets representar his very own past to see the iluminar of day.

Feyza y Naz go head to head. Murat hatches fuera his plan, yet Enver will certainly not sit back y watch. Ali Nejat gets an important phone call.

The unpreventable reunion occurs, yet it is untimely. Tarık's shares loss into ns wrong hands. Didem's benefactor remains a mystery.

Enver thinks he knows who is behind Barış's death, y opens a secreto drawer. Tarık renders Enver an enticing offer.

Feyza suffers two major blows. Murat is shaken by an unforeseen incident, and his secrets come to light.

Umut and Genco space suspected that murder. Murat's story takes ~ above a nuevo dimension once Ali Nejat sees him in front of Didem's grave.

Feyza pulls the wool over her own eyes y makes a básico decision. Ali Nejat y Enver's search of the truth termina only in pain.

Six month later, uno mysterious phone contact results in a tragic loss, uno wrongful arrest and the revelation of un long-held secreto in ns Karasu family.

A fateful phone speak to leads Naz to ns stranger holding dangerous information. Gökçe hides a secret from her family. Neslihan makes un sacrifice for Umut.

Incriminating evidence is uncovered at ns Karasu household estate. Umut receives un job offer. Genco interferes with ns preparations Gökçe has actually made.

Genco is found with an i can not qualify companion. Nihan learns whereby Naz walk for a visit on her last day. A young woman takes a special attention in Enver.

Murat grows suspiciously of Melisa y follows her. When presented photos of Süreyya, Feyza recognizes her. Gökçe is forced to spend hora alone con Nazlı.

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Gökçe's mother learns she daughter's secret. Süreyya reveals ns contents of the envelope she gave to Naz. Murat gets un taste of his own medicine.

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