Porque se llama paseo de los tristes

Quite un few tourists have actually unsuccessfully do the efforts to uncover Paseo de los Tristes (The Promenade of the Sad) on un map. Los issue does no lie con GPS systems yet rather with los fact that the name whereby many people refer to los most romantic y bohemian calle in Granada go not appear on calle maps. Instead, this beloved avenue with stunning see of los Alhambra and that follows ns course of the Darro river between ns Moorish bridges of Chirimías and Aljibillo is provided as Paseo después Padre Manjón, its main name. The generalizado nickname was the result of an interesting tale. In los 19th century, funeral processions on the way come Granada’s San joe cemetery top top Sabika Hill once passed v here. Many people refused to climb Cuesta de los chino to los graveyard y instead decided to speak their last goodbyes to los deceased at this point, so that is straightforward to imagine that the calle was not a cheerful ar in those days. Luckily, today it is easy to drown one’s sorrows top top Paseo después los Tristes whilst gazing at ns Alhambra representar any the its bustling bars, whereby it is nearly mandatory to try ns traditional localidades tapas.

The casa de ns Chirimías festival

On los western fin of the street, we come across Casa después las Chirimías, which faces an viejo Moorish bridge that was rebuilt in mil ochocientos ochenta y dos and has ns same name. This baroque building shares ties with the origin of Paseo ese los Tristes due to the fact that it was constructed in the 17th century, shortly after the human being of Castril granted ns land to construct the calle in 1609. This to be supposedly done, in part, to make ns area much more presentable delaware it had been levelled due to a large to explode at ns nearby dynamite workshop.

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You can reach Paseo después los Tristes on los C3 microbus or on foot due to the fact that it is uno 10-minute walk desde Plaza nueva along carrera profesional del Darro.