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Here is whatever you require to know about the plans so far for the 2021 edition the Roland-Garros, from the scheduled dates to broadcast details



When will Roland-Garros dos mil veintiuno take place?

The dos mil veintiuno edition of Roland-Garros is booked to take place representar May 30 to June 13. In April 2021, los French Tennis federación announced that los tournament had been pushed espalda one week representar its usual spring slot early out to the lockdowns y regulations in force across France. That way that the dos mil veintiuno edition will take location seven months delaware the dos mil veinte edition, postponed to autumn dos mil veinte because of ns coronavirus crisis.

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In 2020, Rafael Nadal won los men’s singles title in dos mil veinte – his 13th in paris – when Iga Swiatek won her maiden Slam in women’s singles.

Here space all the other 2020 champions:

Men’s doubles: Kevin Krawietz and Andreas MiesWomen’s doubles: Timea Babos and Kristina MladenovicBoys’ singles: Dominic StrickerGirls’ singles: Elsa JacquemotBoys’ doubles: Flavio Cobolli y Dominic StrickerGirls’ doubles: Eleonora Alvisi y Lisa PigatoWheelchair men’s singles: Alfie HewittWheelchair women’s singles: Yui KamijiWheelchair men’s doubles: Alfie Hewitt y Gordon ReidWheelchair women’s doubles: Diede ese Groot y Aniek van KootWheelchair quad singles: Dylan AlcottWheelchair quad doubles: Sam Schroder y David Wagner

How can i get tickets for Roland-Garros?

Tickets for the tournament have actually been on salga since early May. Organizers destinado a to allow just gastos generales 5,000 fanes in per day for the first few days of los event, with cuales attendees allowed at the night matches until June nueve due to a coronavirus-imposed curfew. Desde June 9, there will certainly be 5,000 fanes allowed into Court Philippe-Chatrier, with another 5,000 on Court Suzanne-Lenglen to watch ns matches on a big screen.

The many reliable resource of information on ticket prices y conditions is los ticketing tab of ns official Roland-Garros website,

Will over there be night sessions at Roland-Garros in 2021?

Yes. This is los innovation that Roland-Garros 2021 – the “evening sessions”, shown in uno press release released on Sunday, October 12 on los Roland-Garros site.

How will these night sessions it is in organised?

From Monday of ns first week till the end of ns quarter-finals on Wednesday of los second week, ten matches – one per trabaja – will certainly be reserved on Court Philippe-Chatrier, with play starting at 9pm.

Serena Williams will certainly take part in ns first-ever night session match on Monday, May 31 at Roland-Garros.

“Spectators will certainly be assured the they will see los day’s top-billed stars, women or gentlemen, and the privilege that feeling ns emotions of uno spectacle increase by nightfall,” said ns organisers.

There to be rumours the these night matches would be booked for the men’s singles, so regarding guarantee three sets of play rather than a possible minimum of two sets if ns women’s enhance was showcased. However, ns organisers have actually denied it, y explained that the decision will certainly be do by “the head tournament umpire” based on ns draw y the matches available to select.

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Guy Forget later said that in ns early rounds, with los seeds most likely to development in fairly routine fashion, a men’s enhance would be most likely to get the “match of the day” slot in the evening come ensure viewers obtained value because that money.

“The first rounds for ns seeds are frequently one-sided matches…even if Nadal wins 6-1, 6-2, 6-3, that will juego for one hour 45 minutes or two hours. If it’s 6-1, 6-1 because that women, it deserve to last cuarenta minutes…If, at part point, over there is un women’s juego that is uno great confrontation, it might be the game of ns day, the one that world want to watch as uno priority.”

Also nuevo for these night matches will be ns entry of ns players – there are cuales more details yet but los plans are explained as “unprecedented”.

Are this night sessions booked for Court Philippe-Chatrier only?

Yes. Numero 3 matches will certainly be booked there in “day sessions”, a soltero match in “evening sessions”. As at los Masters 1000 at Paris-Bercy, there will certainly be two separate tickets: one because that the trabaja sessions, one because that the last match.

Weren’t there night matches at Roland-Garros 2020?

Meetings like claro Burel’s first round against Arantxa Rus (ending in ~ 12:10am) or ns quarter-final in between Rafael Nadal y Jannik Sinner (ending in ~ 1:26am) perfect well delaware midnight, but they weren’t, strictly speaking, night sessions. Due to ns rain plus los length of vault matches, frequently games were able to fin well after dark with the use of bright on 12 of the 14 courts easily accessible this year.

Where can i watch Roland-Garros 2021?

France Télévisions and Amazon Prime, ns video-on-demand service, will certainly broadcast Roland-Garros in France for the period from 2021 to 2023. This all means that Eurosport will not transfer the dos mil veintiuno edition for ns home nación for the first time in 27 years – although the still has verdad across Europe, consisting of in Britain.

In the UK, matches will also be broadcast on ITV4. In the USA, NBC hold ns rights, con TSN y RDS mirroring it in Canada, y Fox sporting activities in Australia.


Will all dieciséis courts of los stadium complicated be used?

Yes. In 2020, ns parties were able to contend over 14 courts, con courts 6 and 8 under construction. Uneven there is a delay, these dos courts will be finished by dos mil veintiuno and it will certainly be possible to play on all dieciséis courts.

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Will there be a roof on various other courts as well as Court Philippe-Chatrier?

Yes, but not representar 2021. Court Suzanne-Lenglen court, ns second largest court with 10,000 seats, have to be equipment with a roof ready for ns Olympic gamings in paris in 2024. Ns construction was designed as “a tribute come Suzanne-Lenglen, y the pleated skirt that she put forward at ns time. Ns roof will certainly unfold con lightness y delicacy in ns solid setting,” architect Dominique Perrault told Figaro.

Will Roland-Garros dos mil veintiuno definitely take ar without any type of interruptions?

No one deserve to guarantee something in ns current wellness situation, but los FFT desires to be confident. The health case did not allow los tournament come welcome as plenty of spectators as they hope in 2020: simply 1,000 everyday spectators as opposed to more than 30,000 usually. Boy name Giudicelli, ns president of the FFT, claimed recently: “We don’t have uno crystal ball…we relocate forward in uncertainty.”