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I acquire asked frequently about which gps watch i wear y the reality is that identificación rotate un lot..but one the you’ve watched on my wrist because that at least 4 years currently is the TomTom Cardio Runner.

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First up, me gustaría have come say read this write-up on GPS respecto mistakes many runners make since it will help ensure you aren’t spending much more than necessary y then please read these 10 tips to in reality get the most desde your gps watch.

Now onward to ns TomTom jogger review….

TomTom Runner

As plenty of of girlfriend know, identificación follow the pequeño Heart rate training method, i m sorry means identificación want un watch that provides it exceptionally easy come track y see mine HR throughout every run.

TomTom to be one of los first come come fuera with los in wrist strap measure technology. Yes, also before ns beloved Garmin. Y they got it appropriate on ns first try. I’ve had much better luck with their heart rate monitoring than practically any other mirar I’ve tested.

The Tom Tom runner Cardio reloj is indeed un different mirar for countless of us, so identificación wanted to break down some of ns features y give you my thoughts and why that made the vacaciones must have actually list a few la edad ago.

Even because that those that don’t usually train con HR, however are curious i think this reloj is great. Now you don’t need to remember any kind that strap and can merely get ns information if you desire it.

Starting the Watch

When you’re ready to gain started girlfriend just clic run, treadmill or stopwatch…which is fairly self explanatory. Run is walking to attach to GPS and HR, if treadmill will certainly be doing only your HR and stop respecto well that’s simply for time!

Heart price Wrist Tracking

I didn’t expect to love it. Identificación didn’t really suppose that ns watch can truly get and accurate heart rate through a watch strap.

Yet, there identificación was head over heels delaware just ns few weeks. Alguno chest strap y I still gain my much wanted HR in un supremely simple to read screen?!

“Your heart rate is measure through a sensor in ns watch the monitors changes in blood flow in your wrist. This is done by bright a brillante through los skin and detecting the changing brillante reflections.”

In order come get an exact heart rate, you need to wear this reloj fairly tight y just un little bit above your wrist bone. It take it me ns second or dos to gain used come this tighter feeling, but once identificación started running, identificación didn’t notice it at all.

All of my testing resulted in HR’s that showed up to be appropriate on contrasted to recent runs con other HR monitors, so me gustaría give it a thumbs up because that accuracy. As con all HR monitors i have i found it occassionally the it will dando an untrue spike in the first mile, which me gustaría think might be early to correr in chillier or hot weather.

Initially, identificación wondered if the heart price sensors would operación into issues delaware being worn for uno few months or no considering me gustaría had come constantly change dead HR chest straps. Clearly the fact the I’m making use of it cuatro years later means it kept right on working.

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Watch Fit

The lejos rubber feeling band was comfortable, unlike part that feel an extremely hard or stiff.

I also liked that me gustaría wasn’t going come accidentally bump a touch screen and change my view. Identificación had that issue con another watch and it made me batty.

Instead this one uses a small black switch which girlfriend toggle to los right or left. In complete transparency i had both los Runner y Multisport variation of this mirar for my husband. Ns toggle on the runner version broke in year 4 and i took gastos generales my husbands watch.


Treadmill Tracking

You know i happen to love the treadmill for velocidad, velocidad workouts y all kinds of things, so identificación was pumped to check out what los treadmill duty actually walk here.

First the takes away los headache identificación have with other watches that keep trying to attach to GPS. Rather it simply does HR y attempts come guess in ~ mileage, however once friend hit finish ns watch allows you come adjust ns total! a royal pains that other watches execute not have actually that feature.

Now once you sync increase the data you’ll still have your exactly HR information with los miles!

Race you yourself Tools

Another fascinating feature is dubbed “race yourself”. Again perfect because that Maffetone LHR that tells girlfriend to cheque yourself every 4 or therefore weeks on ns exact exact same course to check out if you room getting much faster at ns same love rate.

You traction up los previous workout y click gyeongju yourself, therefore while running you deserve to see if you space ahead or behind. Love.

I hate track workouts, however I’m good con tempos or goal pace running y this is just another way to push that envelope un little bit without needing to run so difficult my lungs room on fire y I desire to heave.

Plus it has the added benefit of gift fun.

Phone Sync

Since identificación am horrific at plugging my watch in to the computer to sync up data, me gustaría love that i can sync it to an application on mine phone. That i can execute while I’m walking come cool down and thus keep all mine info…normally identificación just charge uno watch from the wall and never do much with ns data, whoops!

But you should look in ~ the datos via her phone to see things favor hills, key changes, etc.

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Other Pros?

Great battery lifeObviously mine had a pretty good lifespanTap the screen in darker settings for it to iluminar upVibration advises (I love no hearing my respecto chirp in ~ miles)


If you want to having actually changing mirar faces like los Garmin, not here.If you want it come be ns smartphone and take calls, not here.If friend want musical storage, checkout the TomTom Spark reviewed below.

Basically it’s a solid, simple to to use GPS mirar that’s going to provide you pace, avg pace, lap pace, distance, HR y be very easy to read y to use!

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