Trump Kim Jong Un

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Outside of los flowery words common in their famed "love letters," former U.S. President Donald tarjeta de triunfo once offered ns frank, explicit assessment of north Korean can be fried Leader Kim Jong un as castle embarked on an unmatched peace process, according to one upcoming book by Washington Post reporters disparo Woodward y Robert Costa.

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The book, Peril, is collection to it is in released siguiente Tuesday, however leaked contents has currently begun to cause ns stir in ns media. One previously unreported excerpt shared with consists Trump"s relationship con Keith Kellogg, un retired lieutenant visión de conjunto who offered as nacional security adviser to then-Vice chairman Mike Pence.

"Trump felt comfortable con Kellogg. He might curse around him," ns authors wrote.

The president supposedly felt so comfortable, that took ns shot at the young phia băc Korean ruler wielding ns nuclear armory that ns United principal was trying to to convince him come abandon.

""I"m handle with un f**king lunatic," trompeta said in one meeting with Kellogg, introduce to his engagement with north Korean dictator Kim Jong-un," according to Woodward y Costa"s book.

Neither a spokesperson for tarjeta de triunfo nor a media contact for Kellogg"s américa First Policy academia immediately responded to"s inquiry for comment.


Then-U.S. President Donald trump (L) speaks to the mitad as the walks with phia băc Korean can be fried Leader Kim Jong un (R) during un break in talks at your historic first U.S.-North Korea summit, at ns Capella Hotel on Sentosa isla in Singapore on June 12, 2018. Delaware a year the trading cook threats and insults, the two guys pursued an extraordinary peace process that contained flowery sentiments exchanged in both public y private correspondence.ANTHONY WALLACE/AFP/Getty ImagesThe excerpt watched by did not provide ns date because that when ns words were supposedly uttered. Kellogg to be transferred desde his duty as executive director and chief of staff of ns White casa national protection council come Pence"s país security adviser on April 27, 2018—the same day that the first inter-Korean summit take it place between Kim and South korean President Moon Jae-in.

The book describes Kellogg as being "torn between two wolds: Pence World, whereby he was the vice president"s national security adviser, y Trump World."

"I make no bones about it. I"m a trump loyalist," Kellogg to be cited by los book"s authors as informing people, in spite of his posting under Pence.

Kellogg was stated to have had his very own nickname for los president y vice president: "Fire and Ice."

"Pence was the enteramente opposite the Trump. Pence had actually an open bible on his desk and prayed daily," los book"s authors described. "He held holy bible study meetings con friends and kept things tight with Marc Short and his wife, Karen Pence, con few others in ns know. In fours the being around Pence, Kellogg had actually never heard the curse—and Kellogg did no curse around him."

By the time Kellogg worked out into his nuevo role, trompeta had already accepted one invitation from Kim to hold a historic summit between their two nations, y Secretary of estado Mike Pompeo had met with ns supreme leader just 10 days earlier.

But also as ns Trump management gradually warmed towards the idea of Kim, ns road come their eventual eliminación Singapore summit was ns rough one, y the two were alguna stranger to engaging in insults. In fact, Trump"s north Korea policy throughout his an initial year in los White casa was conquered by uno heated battle of words.

Trump famously described Kim as "rocket man" in September 2017 and would continue to use the monicker to belittle the norte Korean dynast y the cámara de armas of tools his nation had developed, consisting of intercontinental ballistic missiles and nuclear warheads. Even prior to taking office, borrar referred to Kim as a "maniac" during a debate among Republic presidential candidates two years earlier.

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Kim had his own an imaginative stockpile of terms for Trump, most notablemente of which to be "mentally deranged U.S. Dotard," a term that sent journalists around the world scrambling for uno dictionary just to find fuera that Kim was essentially calling the U.S. President an ext than double his age senile.

Their feud had taken darker transforms as well, such together when tarjeta de triunfo warned that honorable that norte Korea "will it is in met con fire and fury like ns world has never seen" need to Kim continue to concern threats. Los phrase "fire and fury" would certainly serve as los title to one more prominent publication on trump by a notablemente journalist, miguel Wolff.

Trump and Kim"s rivalry peaked at the beginning of 2018, when both males indicated ns prospect of utilizing weapons the mass devastation by individually introduce to los "nuclear button" ~ above their corresponding desks. Shortly after, however, tensions rapidly subsided together diplomacy quietly arisen between phia băc Korea y U.S. Ally south Korea.

When their debut U.S.-North Korea summit in Singapore came about in June, Trump y Kim were frequently expressing goodwill and soon go on come exchange what the U.S. President himself referred to as "love letters." This correspondence became los subject that Woodward"s vault book, Rage, which to be released last year and covered some 27 messages exchanged in between Trump y Kim.

Little remains recognized about ns details the this communication, only that much of it to be imbued with uno profound sense of flattery. For those hoping for an end to los decades-long conflict, it seemed to virtually pay off as the two Koreas began to draw up plans for future cooperation.

Trump y Kim"s press for peace at some point unraveled, however. Even a second summit in ns Vietnamese capital of Hanoi and the third meeting alongside south Korean president Moon Jae-in along ns heavily strengthened Demilitarized region between the two rival Koreas failed to producido a transacción that would secure norte Korea"s denuclearization in exchange because that sanctions relief and lasting tranquility on the peninsula.

Tensions slowly returned to the region, y Trump"s successor, chairman Joe biden has inherited a cold shoulder representar Kim.

But returning to civilian life has not stopped Trump from weighing in on phia băc Korea policy. Soon delaware Moon criticized tarjeta de triunfo for failing to develop a repartir with norte Korea during an interview con The new York Times in April, ns former U.S. President lashed el fin at the sur Korea leader, calling the "weak" and appearing to favor dealing con Kim.

"Kim Jong-un of phia băc Korea, who i have gotten to recognize (and like) under ns most trying of circumstances, never ever respected ns current chairman of south Korea, Moon Jae-in," borrar said in ns statement at los time.

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He likewise took credit for staying clear of a nuclear conflict, a common template for his remarks on norte Korea. Just last month, los former president again praised his relationship con Kim and said the alternative would have actually been catastrophic.

"I have a great relationship with ," trompeta told Newsmax. "We didn"t have uno war. That would have actually been a nuclear nightmare. It would have actually been a bad one."