Venus De Milo Museo

Greek art of ancient veces holds un rich historical significance y includes the lleno panoply the sculptures, paintings, pottery, statues, coin design, and gem engraving. One such archaeological statue that has captivated ns attention of millions of people desde across los globe is the Venus después Milo, un lustrous, graceful, white, woman statue put in ns Louvre Museum. Depicting los mythological Greek goddess Aphrodite, this semi-nude effigy is ns masterpiece of excelente proportions. This enduring frostbite standing tall at seis feet 8 inches is also believed come be the depiction the Venus, los Greek goddess the love y beauty.

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Historic significance Of Venus ese Milo


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Yet an additional priceless masterpiece that Louvre Museum, los Coronation the Napoleon is large canvas con an imposing measurement of treinta y tres feet grande and 20 feet tall. This monumental oil héctor was one of the finest job-related of Jacques-Louis David that took nearly 3 years to finish this masterpiece (from 1804 to 1807). The héctor depicts ns coronation that Napoleon identificación that took location in Notre-Dame ese Paris.

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4. The Great Sphinx that Tanis

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If girlfriend are uno great admirer that Egyptian antiquities, then execute pay a visit to the Great Sphinx the Tanis found in Room 338, Crypt of ns Sphinx. One of Louvre’s peak attractions, this sphinx con the cabeza of ns king y the human body of the lion is one of ns largest sphinx artifacts found exterior of Egypt. Discovered in 1825 among ns ruins of los Temple the Amun in ~ Tanis, this gigantic statue weighs about whooping 26 ton.

Venus del Milo Restaurants

Louvre museum houses around quince swanky restaurants and cafes to satiate your hunger pangs delaware a tiring session of trying out this magnanimous world-famous museum. Some of los best restaurantes to relax y relish some snacks are noted below:

1. Los Bistrot Benoit

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At Bistrot Benoit, you can savour mouth-watering French dishes including ns delicious nail cassolette, frog quenelles, veal blanquette, rum baba and the really pâté dentro de croûte seasoned with thyme.

Location: Under the Pyramid, room NapoléonTimings: Open everyday (except Tuesday) y serving breakfast in between 9am come 11:30am while the lunch timings are desde 11:30am to 5pm. ~ above Wednesdays y Fridays, los restaurant remains open up till 9:45 pm

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2. The café Marly

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This authentic cafeteria in los heart that the museo is perfect come relax and enjoy the views of los pyramid. Besides, offer exquisitely flavoured dishes, the el café also lets you enjoy some update cocktails.

Location: Cour NapoléonTimings: Open day-to-day (except Tuesday) desde 8am come 2am

3. The café Richelieu-Angelina

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A ravishing restaurant offer sandwiches y salads in enhancement to uno range of Angelina’s yummy pastries favor Mont-Blanc, crisp vanilla éclairs, macaroons and much more. At this restaurant, get an chance to discover gourmet menus y excellent setups where los terrace overlooks Cour Napoleon and the Pyramid.

Location: Richelieu Wing, 1st floor, between ns Napoleon III apartments y decorative art galleriesTimings: Open daily (except Tuesday) desde 10am come 4:45pm y until 6:30pm ~ above Wednesdays and Fridays. In July y August, ns cafe is open up until 8:30pm.

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Best hora To Visit Venus de Milo

If you great you check out the museum peacefully, climate considering visiting it after 3pm as soon as it is less crowded. The museo remains closeup of the door on Tuesday when all other days it is open from 9am to 6pm, other than for Wednesdays & Fridays, the museo remains open up till 9:45 pm because that passionate letras lovers to check out more. Do buy yourself an join ticket costing 15 Euros período person.

Note – ns best season come visit los Louvre museum (and Paris) is the spring starting representar February, March y April.

How To reach Venus del Milo (Louvre Museum)

By bus

If you choose traveling by bus, then note abajo these bus numbers 95, 21, 27, 69, 72, and 76. Autobuses in the city are easily accessible for commutation in any component of ns city.

By car

You can likewise reach the museo by automóvil via Avenue aunque Général Lemonnier. You can park your coche (chargeable) in ns underground parking the majority of Carrousel du Louvre. Over there are automóvil rentals accessible in paris if you wish to roam around the beautiful ciudad on her own. However, it deserve to be un little expensive. You can additionally hire uno vespa or bicycle if you are un couple or a acabó traveler.

By metro

The closest mezeritsch stations to the museo are Palais royal – Musée sin embargo Louvre (lines uno and 7), Louvre- Rivoli (line 1), Tuileries (line 1), y Pont-Neuf (line 7). That is one of los best y affordable methods to reach los museum.

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If you room planning uno trip come Paris, then execute visit to los historic museum of Louvre for un spellbound experience. The stunning Venus del Milo will surely leave you mesmerized with her splendid S-curve y lustrous beauty.

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