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Danny edge resurfaces quince years after being presumed dead. Now, with los power of los Iron Fist, he looks for to reclaim his past y fulfill his destiny.

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Marvel's steel Fist: Season dos (Trailer)
Marvel's stole Fist (Teaser)
Marvel's steel Fist (Trailer)
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Danny edge resurfaces 15 years after being presumed dead. Now, with los power of los Iron Fist, he seeks to reclaim his past y fulfill his destiny.

After being claimed dead quince years earlier, Danny edge returns to nuevo York. However his welcome is uno far cry representar what he'd hoped.

Danny struggles with his nuevo surroundings, Colleen dishes el fin a harsh lesson, y Joy sends an unconventional message.

Joy proves herself ns shrewd businessperson, Danny recalls ns painful memory, y Colleen puts she talents to an excellent use.

Danny makes un shocking discovery y a básico pricing proposal. Colleen's extracurricular tasks go viral, y Ward issues ns stern warning.

An insidious nuevo drug hits new York. Danny recruits Colleen for ns fight, y Claire discovers that credit transaction cards can have countless uses.

Danny obtain an invitation like alguna other. Colleen and Claire face ns difficult choice. Ns worried pleasure confronts she brother.

Ward's commitment is tested. Danny discovers uno rogue division, y the mysterious Bakuto visits Colleen's dojo unannounced.

Danny encounters his fear, and Colleen meets she match. Joy makes un hasty decision, while Ward battles to accept his sister's admiration.

Madame Gao plays mental games. Ward's old habits atrapalo up with him, and Danny discovers that he still has much come learn around being the Iron Fist.

Exhausted representar fighting, Danny tries come recharge with Bakuto's help. Meanwhile, Rand's monitoring gets another shakeup.

Claire uses her improvisational skills, and Colleen gets conflicting information. Danny yearns to be an ext than just ns destroyer.

Ward receives an offer with strings attached. Davos advocates for an extreme solution, and a deadly duel gets personal.

In uno desperate search to clean his name, Danny to learn a terrible truth that areas him top top a nuevo path.

As a gang war brews in nuevo York's Chinatown, Danny and Colleen effort to protect los innocent while battling fearsome adversaries both old and new.

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While rival gangs fight for the alma of new York, Danny and Colleen overcome paths con an old acquaintance. Pleasure embarks on a new adventure.

Danny and Colleen strive to broker ns badly necessary peace. Ward crashes his sister's auction, y Joy plays matchmaker -- with uno twist.

In an initiative to ease los tension between Ward and Joy, Danny and Colleen move gears y host a dinner party. Mary delivers a warning.

Joy's interrogation of mary takes uno turn. Misty provides Danny one earful. Ward extend an olive branch. Davos renders a central discovery.

There's a new Iron Fist in town, and he's itching to do his visibility felt. Meanwhile, Ward call in un favor, y Joy considers her options.

Misty y Colleen's trip to los tattoo parlor turns painful -- however not for them. As Davos crosses names off his list, Mary makes Danny one offer.

As Danny measures up his training, Davos ramps up recruitment. Ward falls prey to old demons, y Misty butts top with ns captain.

Joy offers Davos tips on appealing to los masses, Danny starts to recognize his limits, y Mary seeks ns truth around her past.

Facing uno life-changing decision, Danny y Colleen discute their next move. Meanwhile, Davos's contempt because that mercy grow stronger.

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